Historic Tours

The Wynne-Russell House, built in 1826, is on the Registry of Historic Places and is a pristine example of “Plantation Plain” architectural style of the upper Piedmont region.  The interior floors, walls and fireplaces are original and largely untouched by modern finishing. The site also includes a family cemetery.  The home is located at 4684 Wynne-Russell Drive in Lilburn.   Tours are free and donations to the Lilburn Community Partnership which maintains the house are welcomed.

​​Ongoing Activities


Historic Wynne-Russell House

Mrs. Sawyer passing the torch and tons of information to Shannon this spring.

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Shannon Bradley Byers is known as the Paranormal Genealogist and has done countless hours of research on the history of the family and the home.  Her efforts have dug up much information formerly unknown about the family and the plantation.  She is our resident historian and typically leads the historic tours that are given on a monthly basis from Spring to Fall.  She, along with husband David, also share the paranormal experiences they've had with ghosts of the home.  And every October they conduct a paranormal investigation at the house to fundraise for the preservation of the home.

Clean Up Days

Mrs. Janis Sawyer, wife of a former Mayor of Lilburn, is the person responsible for saving the Wynne-Russell home from destruction. She did much of the research on the family and property in order to get the house designated as a National Historic Home in 1975.  Around the same time, she led the effort to rebuild and restore the home with help from members of the Lilburn Women's Club and many other volunteers from the Lilburn Community.  

2nd Wednesday of every month from 5pm-6pm

Open to the public. 

Preservation Commitee Meeting

​Shannon Bradley Byers and Janis Sawyer

First and Third Tuesdays of each month at 10 AM

Volunteers are always welcome.

​Meet the ladies who love this house!​​​​​​​​​​